I didn’t tell this to anyone.

As some of you know, I see my heart doctor now and then.

Yesterday. He gives me a routine check up and seems pretty pleased, as he can see I am beaming.

“Not bad,” he says, “not bad at all.” He doesn’t need to adjust my meds, I look happy and we continue our chat.

‘What I need you to do now is to take a good walk everyday.”

” I try to do that,” I say.

“Good. When I see you next time I need your heart to be stronger.”

Then I spill the beans. ” When I don’t walk outside, I walk in the stores when I do my grocery shopping.”

I see his face changing. Is that a smile? No. It is a mimic of surprise. “Madam, walking in a store doesn’t count for strengthening your heart.”

Now I’m surprised. “Why?” I should have stopped asking questions.

He starts to laugh and keeps laughing for a while. The nurse stares at me without a word.

“Because when you go shopping you walk a few steps and stop to see this item. Than You move another two-three steps to reach to another thing. And so on.” He looks me in the eye. “Doing your groceries is not the exercise you need to help your heart.”

I’m astonished. Life’s not fair.


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The Real Deal

Right down the hill it’s a gym, a small one. I went and talked to the owner to pay for a pass.
“No passes here, but sessions.”
Great, me and my English…”What’s a session?”
I liked his smile.
“Well, a session is when you come, and do any exercise here, stay for as long as you want and pay $65.”
“For the whole session?” I ask.
Hmmm, I stand there and do the math. If I come for 30 min that means $130 per hour. No, that might not work.
If I stay here for 2 hours that will cut the price in two.
How about being here for 10 hours? Wow! That would be a real deal.
But the most amazing thing is if I would just move in, that deal would be as low as $2 and some cents per day until I get slim.
Meanwhile I have to walk up and down these hills. And I just don’t hate it.

Dang! Crack That Walnut

If I say I’ve self published 8 children’s books( google my name on Amazon in books)  and did a 50,000 word novel (still in work) in the past 18 weeks, you’ll label me as crazy. And that’s correct.

If I’d say sometimes I’m tired, you might believe me. But there is a fantastic spring of stories in my pockets and when they well up, I get on my laptop to collect the juice- it’s that easy.

There are days when I don’t get out of the house, but only to pick up the daily paper from the driveway. And there are mornings when I take a tour of our neighborhood in SoCal in my slippers, talking to the dog walkers, greeting people while passing by their house, praying loudly in my native Romanian language and picking up oranges I find on the sidewalk from the orange trees around.

This brings me back when I was little and used to collect walnuts wherever these trees were on my strolls. I would stop and crack them with a rock right there under the tempting tree.

What was I saying?  Dang!


The Milk Tour – This Reading Can Affect You

I don’t know about you, guys, but the morning after Thanksgiving is even better for me then the Day itself. And why is that? Because you find yourself with a pile of food for a week, your kids and grandkids walking around in their pajamas early in the morning, coffee, kids food in your coffee, toys, grumpy adult kids who try to sleep in, cats waiting for their treat, and an urgent need : we are out of milk.

So, my daughter-in-love, my granddaughter and I in pajamas strolled our flip-flops to the car in the drive way on a torrential rain. But who cared? Rain in SoCal is like first snow in Europe, and we loved to get in the crazy water up to our ankles. I got to comb my hair before leaving and that was good. People at Von’s here know me, some of them are good friends I made during the years, and I wanted them to be able to recognize me. First thing I saw: the pineapples were almost for free. We got two. And by the time we were checking out, we forgot to get milk.

The sky was falling down outside, the drops of rain were big like cherries, and we were completly soaked when we reached our car in the parking lot. But we didn’t mind it. We laughed until we got home.

Now the breakfast party is going to start. I have to go.

Charming Whiskers – picture book on Amazon 5 Star Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Hilarious. November 12, 2013

This is by far one of the funniest things I’ve read. Whiskers is a character based on a real cat that Iova knows. Whiskers is a sassy, sarcastic and cute cat, but genuinely believes he is right about everything and that all the services he receives are just not quite up to his expectations. As a result, he responds to each of these “inconveniences” by writing letters of complaints to everyone who falls short of his expectations. Very funny.

NaNoWriMo Freak

Hi, my name this month is NaNoWriMo Freak as I am a participant in the National Novel Writing Month. I need to write 50,000 words by the end of November. I did 1,700 today. My novel “Just Saying” is coming out. What a pregnancy! What a busy delivery! I hope you are well. I crushed on a chair at Target with the hope that I will know how to go back home.
Freaking out,
NaNoWriMo Freak
PS: giv’ me a coffee!