One Day

Pepper the dog here-

I am supposed to be well behaved, patient, obedient, ready to listen, forgiving, a good friend, trustful, low voice talker, sidewalk walker, not a jumper on people, sharing my toys with others, not so independent, funny, not cranky, cat lover, other dogs lover…
One day I’ll be all of this. Where is my bone?


Brutal End

Pepper the dog speaking:
Now this is a darling view – team work for everyone’s interest.
I didn’t get to roast my own hotdog ( that’s a weird name from my perspective) but I managed to eat two of these when they were left unattended. Actually, I was grabbing the third one when mom decided we had to go home.
Brutal end.

The Nasty Thing

(Pepper, the dog, speaking)
Man, I was thirsty. I barked at mom and she knew. We two were already in a store. Mom looked through the water bottles to get the water I could drink. The one with no flavor.
After checking it out, she showed me a bottle of Arrowhead Sparking Water, which I likeeeed. We went in the parking lot and she poured half of it in my bowl.
Now that was a nasty surprise. The water was Wild Cherry essence, the worst essence you could add in any water. It was like cilantro on my chicken breast. Yucky!
Mom said she carefully chose this water and that nothing was written on the label about the cilantro thing, I mean the wild cherry thing. I didn’t believe that.
We went back in the store and mom picked up the most tastier water after the Glacier one: Fiji. Just to find out that it was $3.15 – mom looked at me and said:
” I wished here would be a pond for you to drink with no charge.” When she say my eyes, she continued: ” A nice pond.”
I ended up with Dasani purified water, which I hate, but I drank it anyway.
Thirst is a nasty thing.

From the Well of a Deep Thinker – Pepper the Dog

Flies – their way of communication is understandable in any language. They land on you, sit on you, wake you up. They like you. You don’t like them.

Airplanes- something up high in the sky. They make no harm since they can not come down when you bark at them. Their noise is less then of the helicopters’.

Helicopters – have strong lights during the night, so that you can see your toes in your bed. You don’t pay them to come. They just come. The noise they make is strong enough to make Uncle Joe speak in his sleep. You don’t know Uncle Joe. He is new around here.

Sidewalk- a hot area along the green lawns during the days. You can find there a coin or even a snail when you walk. The snail can be in a hurry to get to his fellows under the bushes because of the heat in August.

Food – good or bad stuff. Most of the time is good because of the chicken breast and beef that accompany it. Pancakes, breads, muffins are so and so. Fruit, you don’t touch them. Eggs, the forgotten butter on the counter, chilly beef, soups without lids, try them all and decide for yourself. Fish can be good or not, cat food – boring. Your own food in your own bowl – if it’s from today, taste it.If it’s from yesterday, put it in the trash.

Friends- they love you no matter what. You love them back.

Strange dogs in the park – give them a chance. They can share their treats with you.

Pepper – that’s me.