Pepper and the Man with the Shack – chapter book

If your children like adventures, you can get the story here.

Cover Pepper 2


Pepper and the Man with the Shack

One Day

Pepper the dog here-

I am supposed to be well behaved, patient, obedient, ready to listen, forgiving, a good friend, trustful, low voice talker, sidewalk walker, not a jumper on people, sharing my toys with others, not so independent, funny, not cranky, cat lover, other dogs lover…
One day I’ll be all of this. Where is my bone?

Brutal End

Pepper the dog speaking:
Now this is a darling view – team work for everyone’s interest.
I didn’t get to roast my own hotdog ( that’s a weird name from my perspective) but I managed to eat two of these when they were left unattended. Actually, I was grabbing the third one when mom decided we had to go home.
Brutal end.

A Certain Day Theory

Pepper here:
It’s Labor Day weekend.
People don’t work on Labor Day. Most of them. So, why don’t we call it the way it is : Relaxing Day? Barbecue Day? Visiting Grandparents Day? Cleaning the Entire House Day?
Hanging out at Target Day and Not Getting Treats for Your Pet Day?
I will stay by the pool day.
Maybe my best friend Kodiak will show up day.
Good Day!