Doug Ladybug – picture book- bullying is not fun

Doug Ladybug -cover


Energy-less – Brain-less

It takes a while to think straight early in the morning. Just ponder on this: You are a school student. You don’t want to wake up at 7am to go to school. How is your brain when you hear a voice calling you:”Time to get up.”? Isn’t it blurry?

Or, you need to go to work and you have to wake up before 8AM. How do you feel? Coffee-les? Energy-less? Brain-less?

Well, when I hear that voice calling me to wake up, I just ignore it. Then, when the intensity of the sound gets heavier, I cover my ears. Then when Mom shows up in the room, I’m under the bed. She needs to put some effort there to disturb me, right? Then when she pulls me out, I feel miserable.

Not every morning is like this. Most of the days I’m left alone when Mom goes to work, and I’m fine. Really. But when she needs to take me to the grandparents for whatever reason, I can be a monster of her morning. If I feel miserable, she can feel it too.

Then something happens: a pat on my back, a hug,  bacon and eggs, a few kind words, and I feel great.

I’m up now and off we go.