Cancer, You Have to Go

4946992_origI was talking yesterday with a sweet friend who goes through a second treatment against cancer. She is an amazing woman who invited us to be her witnesses during this tough journey. It’s an honor to be allowed to see her almost every day on a social media platform and join her in her laughters and prayers.

There was no cancer in my family, but I remember my father who wouldn’t even use the word “cancer” because he was scared.

I was raised in a rough society, when we had to overcome hardships in order to survive. Communism wasn’t for the weak. If you were weak, you couldn’t manage life.

Then, in my adulthood, my life became hectic when stress and abuse crept in. By the time I became a single mother and raising four kids, I felt old and worn-out. More stress and burdens kept piling up inside me about two years ago, culminating with some mass growing under my arm. I was devastated looking at the prognostics of death, with no health insurance at that time.

The feeling of helplessness crippled me. I told my youngest son about what was going on and he was perplexed. We didn’t know what to do. Then he reminded me about a recipe I had found on Internet years ago and had shared it with some friends who needed it. I talk about this in my book I’m finishing writing, “Cancer, You Have to Go.”

Death is a powerful trigger that puts us to refocus on things that matter.

We had many family casual gatherings, I took prayer walks up and down the streets, and because I was self-employed, I worked even more hours to write, illustrate and self-publish children’s books. Both my youngest son and I agreed that I had to write more and publish more, not knowing how much time I had. I completed almost twenty children’s books and published them on Amazon and Kindle during that time.

I wasn’t aware that stress, depression, anxiety and most of all, soul wounds and unforgiveness kept the bad chemicals flow into my body. It took about two years to deal with this junk and turn off the faucet.

I don’t know what future holds. What I know is that God is in control.

I pray that He would help each of us fulfill all our days He has in plan for us and none of them would be shortened.