Goose Eggs Roller-Coaster – from the “Real Stuff” series

Pepper the dog here:

Mom visited a certain country a while ago to do some teaching for different groups of teachers. And as you can guess already, she didn’t take me with her. “Nobody is bringing their pets on this trip, Pepper.” That was a sad excuse because when she came back home she placed two goose eggs on the table and a jar with homemade pickles. “This was what I got as a gift from the family I was staying with,” she said and let me marvel at the awesome gift. I immediately agreed with myself that the big, shiny, bluish eggs were pets. Yes, mom had some pets with her at the end of the trip. Analyzing this idea I felt betrayed.

Then the horrible thing happened: both two eggs rolled on the table, took speed and ended splashing on the floor.

The truth was that I helped them a little bit.

But don’t tell mom.

The Dog House

Mom put a dog house in the patio.

A dog house is a house for dogs, where dogs can get there and spend some time alone, and people can not get inside because of their big size. It’s nice to have a dog house because it can be a great treasury for car keys, shoes all colors, favorite blanket, one spoon, a watch, half a gallon of milk and dollar bills. What I don’t like about my dog house is the fact that Kodiak can not get there because he is too big, and my house is too small. I don’t know how to fix that, and if any of you have any idea, please let me know.

Meanwhile I play outside my house when Kodiak comes along. Actually, he got to push his head through the door one day and made acquaintance with the snail I found on the sidewalk and I carried him in my house to be my roommate. The snail is not so much of a social creature though, and spending most of his days and nights in his shell he calls it “house.” Anyway, I think nobody asked him about how he would like his house to be, and he ended up with a trailer.

I have to go. I’m on the fence right now looking for a bird to share my house with. Birds are talkative and they have many relatives to come for a visit. And we could spend great time together and play when Kodiak can not come.

“Birdie, birdie, birdie, come to Pepper!”  IMG_2192