The Involution of a Boss in One Week

One of my two- year-old grandsons to his mom last week,
“Me big boss, you little boss.” 😇
A couple of days later,
“ Me tiny boss.” 😏
Last night,
“Me not boss.” 🧐

How to Ruin Your Thanksgiving Day

DO YOU KNOW how to ruin your Thanksgiving experience? Because when I was a few years old I ruined many good meals for my family, and they ruined many for me.

Kids at the Thanksgiving table, especially if they are tired, sick, on sugar or starving for attention, whine and cry and are picky eaters. 
I heard so many, “You can go and play when you finish your green beans or glazed carrots.” Meanwhile, all the cousins around play and have fun, while you have an unhappy child kept captive and crying at the table.

Bringing up politics, the midterm elections, the borders, “the left” and “the right” may ruin everybody’s Thanksgiving as well. Making a point may not be worthy if your brother and his family leave unexpectedly. If uncle George has something to say about the president, ask him to discuss that after the party.

Turn your Thanksgiving in a sweet time that everybody would remember. Do you know that, when family pray together for a special need, right there on Thanksgiving, you may see miracles? 
Is aunt Becky suffering from back pain? 
Are cousins Jim and Jill longing to have a baby? 
Is nephew Bob stressed out because of his LSAT test?
Family, pray together. You will see God stepping in and bringing His favor over everybody around the table.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

One Delight per Week


SATURDAYS WERE SCHOOL days for me and work days for mom and dad. Anyway, there was that sweet feeling in our hearts that, after coming home from school and work, we would have one day and a half just for ourselves. From 8AM-12 at noon, that was the shortest school day of the week. Even the teachers were more relaxed in the classroom and never asked us to do big projects or tests on Saturdays.

When my parents worked first shift together – which happened every other week – I knew they would be late home. Because they would do grocery shopping on their way home. During the week, the shopping for food was limited to fresh bread and vegetables, but on Saturdays and maybe on Sundays was different, when we had the money. They stayed in long lines to get meat for our Sunday meal and cold cuts for my lunches for school.
We were blessed to have my grandparents from my mother’s side who sustained us with food basics from the village.

I was playing outside with my friends on our beautiful street that had a wide area of grass, flower gardens and maple trees all along from one end of the street to the other.Then I would see my parents walking at home with heavy bags reaching down to their ankles, and barely keeping their balance. That was a good sign, a sign that we were rich.

And I got to be the envy of my friends that day.

The Midterm Elections 2018


DON’T FRACTURE your relationships over politics. At the end of the day, you don’t move out to live with your favorite politician. After these midterms you’ll still eat at the same table with your spouse, have your in-laws visiting to see your kids, go and see your mom when your siblings are present and ache when your cousin is in the hospital. When passionate conversations arise, you be the wise one to keep silence when the back-and-forth words gain too much weight. Life is more than this.

Chlorine Odor – The HOUSE – 28


I let him get in first, even though he held the door for me for a few seconds. “You know the way,” I said. He didn’t wait for me to tell him twice and walked in the kitchen.

“This is odd. I thought the new owner was updating at least the kitchen, but they changed nothing.” The man wasn’t disappointed. He went and opened the refrigerator. “Ha! See?” He showed me one of the shelves. “The stain from the bottom of grandma’s butter container is still here. Mom kept that thing forever.”

“It looks like the new owner treasures this house with a history.” I remembered the old looking bathroom I peeked into from the small window.

The outdated kitchen painted in white, with white cabinets and wooden countertops needed a big touch. A spider dropped into the sink from the ceiling. I didn’t scream, but I let Phillip go through the kitchen drawers and walked in a large living room. An odor of chlorine lingered in the air full of dust. The room was empty. I listened. Maybe the person who used the towel in the bathroom was still there. From the hall where I was I could hear Phillip gasping at some things he found. “I thought mom got rid of this, but no. She kept it.”

There were three bedrooms down the hall, and only the master bedroom had a bathroom of its own. The second bathroom was at the end of the hallway. That was the one I saw from outside.

For my surprise, the towel wasn’t there anymore. Nothing else has changed.

Then I realized the blinds covered the window I looked in from outside.


The Side Door – The HOUSE -27


He went through his pocket and pulled up a bunch of keys. “Here it is. I’m sure mom’s old keys would work just fine.”

I followed him, biting in one of my nails. “Did your mom have a dog? A black dog?” I asked from behind. Phillip reached the front gate that was unlocked and stepped in the narrow yard. “No. Actually, we had a dog when I was little, but he passed away long ago. Why do you ask?” He jiggled the key in the keyhole. “This might take a little wile,” he continued not waiting for my answer. I was curious. “Why?”

But right that second, I heard the “click.”

“You did it,” I said ready to get in the house.

The man pushed the handle, but the door didn’t open.

“What’s wrong with it?” He leaned his shoulder into the door to force it. In vain.

“Maybe it didn’t unlock properly,” I suggested. That idea only made things worst. I heard Phillip curse. “Don’t tell me how to unlock my own door.” When he looked at me, I saw he was sorry for the burst of anger. “Forgive me, I shouldn’t take this on you.”

“It’s all right.”

I let him deal with the door and walked to the back of the house. There was a lot of old stuff and construction items pilled on top of each other, chairs, shelves, timber and I managed to make my way alongside the wall. There was a side door I’ve never seen before because of the heap of stuff. I tried it. It was locked.

Phillip was still trying to figure it out why the front door wouldn’t open, even though it was unlocked.

“Maybe something inside it’s blocking it,” I said coming closer. “Hey, listen, do you happen to have a key for the side door?”

My neighbor gave up on his project and walked by me to the door I was talking about.

“I don’t have the key, but I know where to find it.”

He stretched his arm to get his hand in the gutter on top of the door. “We kept this door locked all the time. Here is the key.”

The key was covered in rust. “It will be a miracle if this would work,” I commented. Phillip didn’t mind my words. He started whistling, as the door cracked with a sound.

“What were you saying, Sophie?”

The HOUSE – Phillip Has Some News -26-

house on 37

The moment I finished talking, I knew it wasn’t right.

“Ah, this is weird. I’m sorry.”

Phillip didn’t say a word but stood there smoking.

“It is not my business or place to ask you such thing.”

The man took a couple of steps and showed me one of the buildings down the street.

“See that house?”

I nodded my head. That was Joseph’s house, the elderly man at the window I had talked to when Phillip’s aunt was taken to the hospital.

“The owner bought that house in the ’90s with $45,000. Now it’s $2,000,000.” My neighbor turned to see my reaction. I was stunned.

He continued. “My grandfather gave my mom the house we lived in. A few years ago, my aunt bought the house I live in now and asked me to take care of it while she was in Africa. A while ago, she put my name on the house deed.”

I felt pretty embarrassed. “You don’t need to tell me all of these. I’m sorry I asked to see your mother’s house. It was so out of line.”

“C’mon, Sophie. It’s all right.” He finished his cigarette and dropped the cigarette butt on the ground. Then he stepped on it.

“Just for you to know, I sold mom’s house. The new owner had a crew for about a month to do some changes inside. But the guy never showed up after that. Did they ever change the locks? No. Do I want to go and see the improvements? Yes.” He looked at me and laughed. “Let’s go!”

I wasn’t so eager anymore to see the interior of that building since it involved trespassing. Phillip read my thoughts. “It’s not a problem. The owner asked me to keep an eye on the house. Are you coming?”