No, Thank You -25-


He rushed and blended in the crowd, and I couldn’t see him anymore. I knew he put himself at risk when he gave me that written piece of paper. Maybe the occasion to share his fear with us Westerners was one in a lifetime, and he didn’t want to miss it. It was possible that there were many communist agents massed in that church that evening. They had to watch, listen and take notes about everything. They were the concerned eyes and ears of the government. Most of the Christians didn’t know who they were. They posted as believers. That was why you never knew which person was trustworthy or a spy.

We were invited to distribute the Bibles to the pastors and church leaders from different areas who came for this special event. Depending on the numbers of the Christians represented there, the hostess lady pastor made a list about how many books would go where. There were still people in the pews that were waiting for a Bible, and the three of us went down every row and handed them a copy.

It was humbling to see elderly men, pastors and church leaders, who were waiting for their turn to receive the Book of Life. Men of hard work with calloused hands and deep tanned skin, they had prayed and dreamed of this moment for many years. I didn’t know how somebody could smuggle Bibles in China. I’ve learned about Hudson Taylor whose heart burned from love for the Chinese people to come to Christ. He showed love, teaching and compassion. He was a walking Bible. He didn’t have a publishing house to supply the need for the Word of God to such a great nation.

Now we could buy the books directly from the government. We didn’t know for how long this favor was available, but we felt blessed to be part of the moving of God in that Chinese area.

It was the same system concerning the Jews who lived in Romania under the communism. According to “Washington Post” and the “Romanian Jews in Israel – Wikipedia” the Israel government bought the Jews from Ceausescu paying $2,000 per person, and $25,000 for doctors and scientists. Israel also secured loans for Romania and paid off the interest itself,” and helped the Romanian Army and financed projects for different branches of the economy. It says that half of the 60 million dollars Israel paid for the Jews during Ceausescu went directly to Ceausescu’s family accounts. That was how it worked in my birth country with all the corruption and repression.

When we handed out the last Bible, we knew the tangible part of our mission was accomplished. This lady came and kissed me on both cheeks and then she kissed my hands. The translator said she was grateful for our sacrifice to bring them the Bibles. I felt ashamed that she believed that when I opposed it so hard. We wept in each other’s arms.

The interpreter gathered us to leave, and let us know that the pastor was coming with us to dinner. She held to my lady friend’s and my arm and walked together to our van.

It was interesting that there were no communist agents waiting for us.

-To be continued-

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How To Rescue An Airplane

We were in the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv some years ago coming home from a long and amazing camp.

One fun thing of that trip was that after only one day of walking in Jerusalem, my favorite pair of sandals gave up. I had to put them in the trash and cared for the biggest blister I’ve ever owned.

Adults and children, the seventeen of us, were worn out from the intense travel in the past weeks and barely could standing on our two feet to go through the security check. I saw the security guard asking my youngest daughter to take off her shoes, and they searched them manually. I’d been in other airports before, but this was one very well watched. And that was good.
One of my friends and I were a little worried about the bag of dirt each of us had in our luggage, ( I like to bring dirt from where I go abroad, I brought some from China and they didn’t mind it.) We successfully passed the “dirt test” in Tel Aviv and went to the gate. They validated our tickets and showed us to the bus.

Here comes the mystery.

Everybody in the bus had a carryon, a bag, or something.
I watched that woman. Tall, thin, dark, curly hair, dark eyes with a pretty masculine forehead, her entire attitude was suspicious. My detective intelligence got alerted and I was Agatha Christie’s best friend. What was extremely suspicious for me was the fact that she didn’t carry a bag.

I looked at my friends, but I couldn’t share with them my discovery for the sake of keeping them at peace. I chose to bear this terror on my own shoulders, alone. I was terrified. I knew inside me that this woman was there to blow up the plane. People who know me have no doubt that I am a woman of action. That time, right there in the heart of our beloved Israel I was ready to step in and uncover the enemy’s plans.

We get on the plane and yes, I call the flight attendant and show her the questionable person on board.
“I watched her since we got on the bus. She doesn’t have a carryon, she is so serious.Please, search her. I’m sure she is up to something.”
I knew that my professional information along with my deep wisdom were rescuing a full plane of passengers from certain death.
“No, no, you don’t have to thank me,” I was ready to reply to the flight attendant who was staring at me with open mouth.

“This is an Israeli diplomat working for the Israeli Embassy in Bucharest, ma’am. She is just fine.”

I needed a glass of water.