The HOUSE – The Police -20-


One of the policemen got to the gate of the house and rang the bell. He stood there for a few seconds, but nobody answered. Somebody from the viewers announced, “Nobody lives there.”

The man of the law pushed the gate to see into the courtyard. “Hello! This is NBPD. Is anybody here?”

There was no answer. The guy from the crowd insisted,” The owner passed away some time ago.”

“Was this their dog?”

The man raised his shoulders. “I know the owner’s son. I don’t know if they had a dog.”

“Do you know where this son is?” The officer was taking notes.

“He went to the hospital with his aunt. She had a heart attack.” The woman who gave the clarifications came to the front. She was pushing a special stroller with a cat in it. “I’m glad that you got the dog. I hope you classify him as vicious.” She turned to the people around. “We here have pets, little puppies, cats and birds that are in danger from this animal.”

“You wouldn’t say that if this would be your dog,” an elderly man with a cane answered. “You wouldn’t want your dog to be put to sleep by the police.”

“He attacked this poor woman,” the cat owner explained. Her upper lip was shaking.

“All right, let’s leave it here,” the police officer continued.

The ambulance was long gone taking the wounded neighbor to the ER. A young lady in a beach dress came with a pitcher and plastic cups. “Who wants some ice lemonade? Officers?” Both of them had a cup and were ready to go to their cars. “We’ll follow up with the son,” one concluded.

I stood up. Maybe now was the time for some more searching.

“Officer, ” I called and kept my voice low. I didn’t want the neighbors to hear what was on my mind.” I’m new in this neighborhood, but I am sure something is going on in this house.” The man placed his hands on his belt. “What is going on?”

“There are weird noises coming from it.” I looked both sides to ensure nobody was too close and hear my statement. “Somebody looked at me behind the blinds. Then I heard a thrust like a person who fell on the floor.”

“When did this happen?”

“Today. Maybe you should search the building.” My genuine suggestion didn’t make the impression I wanted.

“We need a search warrant to search somebody’s house. We don’t have a reason to ask for one, ” the police concluded.

“Search warrant? For what?” His partner caught the end of our discussion.

“This lady said she heard some weird noises coming from inside the house.” I nodded my head.

“We can’t do that for now, Ma’am. It may be the son making those noises.”

“But he doesn’t stay there. He lives across the street,” I insisted. The men waved at me and got in their cars, “Sorry.”

“What if somebody is dead there on the floor?” They couldn’t hear me, but the neighbors did.

“Who’s dead?” the woman with the lemonade asked.

“Nobody’s dead,” the man with the cane answered and puckered his lips. “We had enough entertainment for the day.”


The Mailman

postoffice2Had to go to the Post Office to get some stamps for my mom’s b-day card. Asked K2 (2 1/2 years old) if he wanted to see the mailman. Agreed. The twins stayed at home with daddy to celebrate their 6 mo. old, mommy at work, and I got out of the house, holding his little hand. He is carrying a plastic container with a lid, fresh from the dishwasher. I don’t mind.
“You’ll be in the stroller,” I apprise the young man. I get the vehicle from the garage and try to lift the top in a sitting position. I don’t know how. I push and pull, and look under it to find a button or something. The little boy tries to help as well. In vain.
“You have to lie down,” I inform my subordinate. He wants to see the mailman anyway and he listens to me. Then off we go. He keeps opening and closing the lid on top of the container while we go down the hill. We cross the street and walk in the newly remodeled Post Office. Now he is allowed to sit up and watch the mailman as we are waiting in the line. When we get to the counter, I tell the postman he has an admirer. They wave at each other, I pay for the stamps and we are out the door. The little guy closes his eyes. I can see the plastic container gets heavy in his hand. “Well, you don’t fall asleep in the stroller. You sleep in your bed.”
He stays awake. He saw the mailman.


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Goose Eggs Roller-Coaster – from the “Real Stuff” series

Pepper the dog here:

Mom visited a certain country a while ago to do some teaching for different groups of teachers. And as you can guess already, she didn’t take me with her. “Nobody is bringing their pets on this trip, Pepper.” That was a sad excuse because when she came back home she placed two goose eggs on the table and a jar with homemade pickles. “This was what I got as a gift from the family I was staying with,” she said and let me marvel at the awesome gift. I immediately agreed with myself that the big, shiny, bluish eggs were pets. Yes, mom had some pets with her at the end of the trip. Analyzing this idea I felt betrayed.

Then the horrible thing happened: both two eggs rolled on the table, took speed and ended splashing on the floor.

The truth was that I helped them a little bit.

But don’t tell mom.

Pepper and the Open Gate Children’s Book

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5.0 out of 5 stars Praise for Pepper!, August 14, 2013
This review is from: Pepper and the Open Gate (Volume 1) (Paperback)

Pepper’s adventures will entertain, inspire, and teach youngsters lessons about courage, integrity and the value of friendship. Author Rodica Iova has something of value to say to everyone, youngster to adult. The illustrations are also wonderful.